Pradok proclamation

We, free people from the Balkans, are looking for other free people and their friends around the world.

The freedom of the people on the planet has been reduced to suffering and bending our heads. Big against small. There are many more of us small ones.

Freedom has been abolished, hope and the future have been abolished, the desire for life.

There is no place for happiness and unconcern. Only fear and misgiving, anxiety, insecurity, without life in the true sense of the word.

Small or Big that is the question now!!!

We don’t want yachts and planes, we don’t want branded clothes, we just want the freedom to manage our lives. We want our human rights, which we once won as great achievements of civilization, and now being thrown into the mud. The long struggle for equality, economic and every other right was fought with the victims – the results disappeared in an instant. Finally, those in power can do whatever they want, and they can do it publicly, without their masks. No one raises their voice. The planet is silent and in fear.

Free people – wake up, love each other, gather in small cells of beauty and closeness.

Protect the planet, your water in front of the house, your air and your land.

Everyone would like to deconsecrate, pollute and earn and take over. We, the free people, we are left desolate after the drunken feast of the rich against nature.

Free people will save the planet!!!

Let’s be free in our thoughts and actions.


    Feautured movie

    Whose planet is this

    The plot of this film is in the narrator’s tablet, based on true events.
    Completely coming out of the streams of life that we knew in the 20th century brought difficulties to the existence of people, to understanding reality. It seems that joy has been abolished, that pleasure has been turned upside down. There is fear and greed. Values seem to be forgotten.
    Our parents and we almost had no differences, we inherited habits, ethics and aesthetics. Our children are not made of this “material”, hence the misunderstanding that is not generational but essential, as if we do not belong to the same race, or planet. New ethics and aesthetics have not yet been built. No big ideas. And those big ideas can’t be created by machines. On the other hand, our survival is not possible without those machines.

    The cyber world has captured the attention of most of the planet’s inhabitants, whether the planet belongs to the nets or to the living people. In the 21st century, a window opened into the new world, and most people don’t know their way around it.
    At some point, we must speak about the problems and understand them. The process is clearly irreversible.

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    Small and Big


    23 years after the bombing of Serbia in 1999, the dropping of depleted uranium bombs and the destruction of chemical plants by NATO, the team of this documentary road movie travels in search of survivors after the ecological genocide, while permanently polluted water, air and land continue to poison…

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    Director’s statement:

    This film is emphatically critical of the sense of injustice that results from the unlimited power of the great over the small. The film’s story seeks to free a person from the heavy burden of helplessness and nothingness. Does it offer hope !!!

    The attitude of inequality deeply hurts people all over the world and raises the question of who takes it for granted the right to judge the small and “disobedient”. The main suspect for that is the NATO pact, which consists of the most powerful countries in the world. Distrust is growing, no one apologizes, pays damages, but just keep quiet and consider themselves still untouchable.